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Update to ILIAS malfunction (teaching and ILIAS-Exam) - database must be restored

There has been an extensive server outage this morning due to the defective air conditioning system, resulting in emergency shutdown of the virtualization infrastructure. Coupled with this has been a defect in the database of the ILIAS cluster. The database has to be restored from backup.

The recovery of the database will take some time. Please expect restrictions in the availability of ILIAS and the e-exam system until at least 17:00h. We strongly advise you to postpone all exams scheduled for today.

We are still working hard to get the systems up and running again and will inform you here as soon as the systems have been restored. We expect the database to be restored today.

Outlook for tomorrow, Feb. 16, 2021:
We will post a status message on the RZ homepage today, tomorrow morning at the latest. Please visit our website from 08:00h on, in case you have exams scheduled. This way you will know whether you can perform the test as planned.

We kindly ask for your understanding and patience.

Your RZ-Team