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Maintenance break on 16 October: several services will be offline due to urgent firmware updates

Between 7am and 9 am, several services will be unavailable.

Early Announcement: Downtime DELL Roadking for maintenance work


When: 16 October 2014

From: 7am to 9 am


Which services will be affected?

To allow for maintenance work to be started on time, the following services will be unavailble from 6.30 am onwards:

  • all webservers (outside of CMS)
  • Adobe Connect
  • EvaSys
  • computer labs
  • SFB 1015
  • file server
  • FTP-server
  • login server
  • media center
  • omnibus
  • "wohnungs-DB"


What is being done?

In order to ensure reliable central storage, a firmware update needs to be installed. This update is taking place in accord with Dell. It will eliminate causes for potential errors.

What does this measure entail?

Since the storage appliance has to be switched to offline mode during the update, the VMWare storage is unavailable for the virtualization environment. Services who rely on this storage (e.g. webserver) are therefore unavailable during this time.

In order to affect the smallest possible number of services, important machines/services are, if possible, moved temporarily to other storage.

Services for which this is not possible will have to be switched off in order to avoid data loss.

We apologize for any inconveniences,

Your IT Services Team..