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Werthmannstrasse 4 pool rooms closed

On the afternoon of February 17, the Stabstelle Bau und Entwicklung informed us that the pool rooms on the ground floor and the first floor were not open for use, effective immediately. The reason was/is "faulty execution of the hanging ceiling and possible danger of falling ceiling plates".

The duration of the closure is not yet predictable. Due to survey reasons, the ceiling plates cannot be removed very quickly. The ceilings need to be restructured due to badly performed hangings (and the danger of falling ceiling plates).

Events can also take place in the pool rooms at the Computer Center, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10, which are available through the central lecture hall allocation system. Thanks to the deployment of bwLehrpool, you can accss all virtual teaching and workspaces that were also available, if no limitations were set on certain rooms. Students can still use the free working space on the 4th floor in the KG2 and all other locations where bwLehrpool is available.

Werthmannstrasse 4 alternatives (until provisional re-opening)