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Modul "Implementation"

The focus of the module "Implementation" is on the independent development and implementation of an e-learning teaching project.

The Implementation module is the second component of the e-learning qualification program. Here you develop your own teaching project and implement it.


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Procedure of the module Implementation


  • You submit a project outline of your planned project to the E-Learning Department or the University Didactics Department by 15.3. or 15.9. respectively.
  • In the kick-off workshop you present your planned e-learning teaching project. Together with colleagues from the e-learning department, the university didactics department and other participants of the qualification program, you will discuss the presented e-learning scenarios and further develop your project. The kick-off workshop takes place a few weeks before the start of each semester and is arranged individually with the participants.
  • The teaching project is implemented over 1-2 semesters. You will document and reflect on your experiences using a guideline. The staff of the e-learning department and the university didactics department are available to provide advice and support as needed.
  • In an approx. 4-hour final workshop, you will present your teaching project, reflect on your experiences and discuss them with your colleagues.
  • You will conclude the module with a reflection on the teaching project (approx. 20 p.).


The workload in the Implementation module depends on the planned teaching project. For the kick-off workshop (4 units), the final workshop (4 units) and the reflection of the project (20 units) you have to calculate with a total of 28 units (45 min each).

Credit for the Baden-Württemberg Certificate for Higher Education Didactics

The module Implementation is recognized as a focal point in module III of the Baden-Württemberg Certificate for Higher Education Didactics.


It may be possible to receive financial support for your teaching project through one of the university programs. Information about current calls for proposals can be found on the Teaching Development pages.