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Cooperation with Online Master Degree Programs

Duration: since 01.09.2009

Freiburg University offers various  online degree programs for professionals  in order for working professionals to continue their studies. Online Masters programs include:

  • Periodontics & Peri-implant Therapy 
  • Intelligent Embedded Microsystems - IEMS
  • Science of Photovoltaics
  • Physio-technical Medicine (PTM)
  • Palliative Care
  • MBA Taxation

The modularized curricula of the programs are organized in the form of blended learning (i.e. a combination of tutored online self-learning phases and on-campus courses). 

The University IT Services (Rechenzetrumplayed an important role during the development of these e-learning scenarios and helped during the application process to Baden- Württemberg's Ministey of Education, Research and Art. 

Since 2009, the University IT Services has been supporting four Master Degree Programs with specialized e-learning coordinators in the following technical areas: 

  • Development of user guides for the main IT infrastructure 
  • Basic support for e-learning, application of media, and developing of online teaching material 
  • Implementation of training programs 
  • Support for the central teaching platform 
  • Main point of contact for support 

More information for Online Master Programs:

University IT Services Contact:

E-learning Service Center:
Tel: 0761 - 203 - 4600