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eduroam / DFNroaming: WLAN worldwide!

Students as well as researchers can use WLAN networks of other universities and research institutions.


All members of Freiburg university can access WLAN networks of participating universities and research institutions worldwide via eduroam either with their laptop or smartphone. The goal of eduroam is easy and secure internet access in research institutions.

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eduroam is short for EDUcation ROAMing. The international initiative eduroam is a cooperation of national organizations, which organize data exchange between researchers. This is the German national research network "Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes (DFN)", which offers and promotes this service under the name DFNroaming. On this website you will find further information about the service. This includes a short introduction as well as a map of all participating institutions in Germany. In Feburary 2012 there are 312 participating organizations in Germany - amongst them almost all German universities.


If you have a university account of Freiburg University, choose the following settings in your WLAN configuration to acces eduroam networks (see also WLAN und VPN):





Network name (SSID)


Security type

WPA2-Enterprise mit AES
(evtl. auch  WPA-Enterprise mit TKIP)

Network authentification


maybe Server to PEAP


Inner authentification


User name/login

<Your University Account>

(This is not your e-mail address!)


<Your RAS-password>

(as usual for WLAN)

Outer authentification


For detailed instructions concerning the configuration of various operating systems: Rechenzentrum der Universität Heidelberg.