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eduroam / at home

Your University-Account and your RAS-Password can be of use to you outside Freiburg University either at home or at one of the eduroam partner locations.


While travelling with work and looking for internet access, you can access eduroam partners worldwide. The goal of eduroam is easy and secure internet access for scientific organisations.

Eduroam denotes EDUcation ROAMing. It is an initiate that aims for data exchange between scientists. In Germany it is offered by the German National Research Network (DFN), under the title DFNRoaming/eduroam 

The following institutions participate in eduroam: eduroam-where

Participating institutions may have a different network name and access method than Freiburg University.

For further information on eduroam at Freiburg University:  WLAN mit eduroam

Please inquire ahead of time about eduroam at any destination you are traveling to.

At home

In order to access university services from home, it is necessary that you authenticate yourself.

If the university IP-address is required you can connect to a VPN server of the IT-Services. 

In the IT-Services Wiki you can find information on which services are available from your home office. VPN for different systems 


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