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Uni-Account for Assistant Professors and Guests

Assistant professors, guest experts, research fellows or other members of Freiburg University that are active in learning and teaching can apply for a Uni-Account.

First-time application for a Uni-Account

Guest professors and assistant lecturers without tenure at Freiburg University can not register by themselves. As soon as you require a Uni-Account and if you are entitled to one according to these guidelines, please proceed as follows:

  1. Download the application form below
  2. Go to your Institute/Faculty where you are currently employed and ask them to fill out and sign the form. The duration of your account is decided by your host Institute and should depend upon the length of your contract.
  3. The Institute or Faculty should send the completed form via house post to the University IT Services, the address can be found on the form.
  4. A couple days later you will receive your Uni-Account per internal house post with an initial password along with general information regarding the account.
  5. Please pick up your account information from your institute's contact person.

Extending an existing guest account

If you are already registered and would like to extend the duration of your Uni-Account or if you need more access rights, please write a formal request for extension through the University Institute that you are contracted under. Please include your Uni-Account number in the upper right-hand corner of the letter.

How to request extended rights for a Uni-Account

If you require extended rights as a guest professor, please request this through the University Institute or Faculty for whom you are working. Make sure to include your Uni-Account number in the request.

Please see the following list for an overview of the possible extended rights:

ReDI (research service)
'ReDI' is the right to use the online resources  of the University Library (journals, data bases, e-books, etc.). Due to lisencing restrictions, the online media is only available to those members of the University that have a research or teaching contract.
For further details, please see Freiburg University's Concept of Rights for IT Services.

As soon as your account has received these extended rights, you will need to log in and distribute your password to all the other IT Services by going into the management platform in myAccount. Please click under the menu point 'Pass-/keyword,' then click on 'Distribute password.'

Download the Application form

Antrag Uni-Account für Gäste (available only in German)

Musterformular für den Nachweis der ReDI-Berechtigung

(available only in German)


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