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Uni-Account for Employees

All registered University employees as well as employed students can personally set up a Uni-Account for employees. This process is paperless and can be completed online.

Any Freiburg University employee with a valid work contract can register themselves through the account management platform "myAccount." No written document is necessary. Please use the following steps to set up an Employee Account:

  1. Pull up the myAccount Website
  2. Click on the button entitled "Register" on the myAccount homepage
  3. Enter your information on the following page and choose the Faculty or Institute where you are employed. Click on "register."
  4. Your name should be found in the personnel database. Please confirm your information and your new employee account will immediately be set up.
  5. A few days after registration you will receive a letter via the University's internal post sent to the institution where you are employed. This letter contains your username, initial password as well as an information sheet.
  6. This data will allow you to activate your myAccount. Simply enter your username and initial password and click on "register."
  7. We recommend that you submit a private e-mail account and set up a work e-mail account.


Note: After your contract has despired your Uni-Account will be deactivated

Additional Service: "Plotting"

If you would like to use the University IT Services' plotter to print posters, you must first register the "plot" service. Please fill out the application form found below, enter your Uni-Account number in the top right corner and have the head of your institute sign the form.


  • The poster plotter is a service charges to your Institute. Please see Printer and Plotter.
  • As soon as this service has been added, you must distribute this new password to all other services. You can do this in myAccount under the menupoint "Pass-/keyword" and clicking "Distribute password."


Registration Form for Administration Rights

Uni-Account Information Broschure for Employees


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